An Ode to the Written Word

An Ode to the Written Word

by Carolyn Glackin

Oh how I marveled

When first I heard

The beauty of

The written word

The way it lingered

On my tongue

This language of

The old and young

Every sonnet

Stole my heart

Each ballad

Led to tears

Free verse did

Inspire my muse

Now with me

Through the years

Limericks brought laughter

While haiku invited peace

And lyrics led to all manner

Of gladness and release

Words should not be worshipped

But in my heart they dwell

For they’ve led me into heaven

And saved me from my hell

So always I am grateful

For all that words can do

Let’s use them to inspire

Let’s keep them

Pure and true

For they can

Bridge the distance

From heart to heart

And land to land

Thus I truly do believe

They are a gift to man.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner.


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