Oh Harbinger!

Oh Harbinger!

by Carolyn Glackin

Oh harbinger!
I pray thee
Don’t bring us sorrow!
Don’t give us cause
To fear tomorrow
Hold thy tongue
And still thy lips
Hush them with
Thy fingertips
For hearts are such
A gentle thing
They break with ease
O’er everything
So send us prayers
Send us peace
Send us light
If you please
But keep thy darkness
Unto thee
We don’t deserve your misery
I pray thee harbinger
May you be well
May you be freed
From the grips of hell
For beneath your darkness
Lie feathery wings
Release them!
For such joy it brings
Let your spirit
Shine and soar
As you were meant to
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credited to Aimee Stewart.


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