Rapha El

Rapha El

by Carolyn Glackin

He is mighty, proud, and strong

And he’s been with me all along

For time eternal, just we two

A bond that nothing could undo

A noble knight upon a steed

An angel helping those in need

A heart of gold with open hands

But words fail to describe this man

He’s more than I could ever say

He fills my heart in every way

My full faith has always

Been in him

He is the one light

That never dims

So oft he carries a heavy load

And it seems he travels a bumpy road

His shoulders slumping

From the weight

Of bearing things

That are much too great

So when this world weighs him down

I hold him close so he won’t drown

And in the light born of my love

Once again, we rise above.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner/artist.


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