The Long Road Home

This is a song I wrote today.

The Long Road Home
by Carolyn Glackin
Oh for I am but a traveler
On the endless road back home
Ever long and ever winding
Many times I’ve felt alone

And my heart’s been caught in shadows
When I could not see the light
And I often lost my way
In the dark and lonely night

Yet I know now you’ve been with me
By my side through every mile
There were times you led the way
So that I could rest a while

And the road seems somehow shorter
And the end seems near in sight
When I know that you’re here with me
On this journey of my life

So I thank you very kindly
And I give my love to thee
For you have been my savior
You have helped me see

And the truth has been revealed
So I’ll tell everyone I know
We may walk an endless mile
But we never walk alone

So whenever you grow weary
And you fear this never ends
And the road is dark and empty
And you cannot find a friend

I beseech you to remember
‘Twas a promise set in stone
We come here to walk a while
But we never walk alone

When your lot in life is heavy
And when your sight grows dim
I pray that you’ll remember
You need only look within

For in your heart lies waiting
The promise we were shown
All the love that you’ve been seeking
All the happy times you’ve known

All the peace and all the solace
All the comfort you could need
Waits within for you to find it
Both in thought and word and deed

And the one who gave you life
Who fashioned you with love
Has never left your side
Since you came here from above

So my dear one please keep walking
You’ve got miles yet still to go
But you’ve got all you need within you
So keep walking on your road.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to Igor Shulman.


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