Mountain Mystic

Mountain Mystic
by Carolyn Glackin
And when those mountains
Sing their tune
Oh how my joyful heart does swoon
At night I swear I hear them pray
Lost in vespers, there I stay
And come the morn, in mist they rise
These lovely pillars of the skies
Sun-drenched peaks
Powdered with snow
Winking down at all below
Mighty giants of this earth
Existing far beyond our birth
Timeless knowledge, hidden truths
Long gone their days of restless youth
Sacred portals to other dimensions
Proffering routes to divine ascension
Inner worlds with beings unknown
No need to believe it, to each their own
Ascended masters gather there
Enoch, Kuthumi, wise and fair
Kwan Yin, Buddha, St. Germain
And many more that I could name
For when a mountain meets our eyes
There’s far more there than we realize.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Art credit: “Mountain Retreat,” by Chris Steele.