by Carolyn Glackin
The cavalry is home again
And mother is so pleased
The good Lord kept them
Safe from harm
In the face of enemies
And oh they are a winsome lot
The most handsome one, her man
With eyes of blue and heart of gold
And skin once fair, now tan
For he hath toiled
The whole day through
Beneath the scorching sun
Not resting for a moment
Until the war was won
And every time he goes away
He brings her heart along
And the time apart
Reminds these two
That their love is pure and strong
Oh the cavalry is home again
And mother is overcome
She weeps with tears of gladness
As she looks upon her sons
Long gone now
Are the babes they were
And in their place stand men
She only hopes they truly know
How proud she is of them
She offers prayers of gratitude
That the good Lord spared each one
And begs peace upon this noble earth
Let the time of war be done!
Oh mother dear
Set your fears aside
Your men are in your sight
And revel in glad tidings
For the cavalry’s home tonight.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

*Image credited to the rightful owner.


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