Come the Dawn 

Words: copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

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The Dragon King 

This is a bit of a departure from my typical writing style because I don’t normally write children’s poetry; but as it happens, my youngest son Charley, (currently 12) loves dragons, and I can’t help but share in that joy with him. So, this is dedicated to Charley with love. ❤

The Dragon King 
by Carolyn Glackin 

In the days of yore upon this earth 
There lived a boy of humble birth 

They say he was born on a dragon’s wing 

Charles Edward, the Dragon King 

He hailed not from a single royal

But to the dragons he was loyal 

And only for he, did they lower a wing

Thus he was dubbed The Dragon King 

And oh what a glorious sight to see

Up in the air riding wild and free

And on his face, a look of joy

For he loved those dragons 

And they loved that boy

The dragons came in every color 

Not a single one alike any other 

They were ruby red, and emerald green

Copper, violet, and gold citrine

Charles knew them, one and all

Knew their names and the sound of their call 

Knew their hobbies and their favorite treat

Knew where they preferred to sleep 

And through the years, their friendship grew

As they spent their days 

Soaring up in the blue 

But times had changed throughout this world

And as crime rates rose, fear unfurled 

Mankind needed someone 

To take the blame

Thus Charles’ dragons lost their good name 

Stories spread and senseless lies 

About these beauties of the skies

Suddenly, these sentient beasts

Were known as evil, vile thieves 

The Dragon King soon hatched a plan

They’d leave this world for peaceful lands

And so, with a bit of apprehension 

They flew off to another dimension 

There, they live on forevermore 

The boy and the dragons he adores 

Never aging, never dying 

Spending their days 

Soaring and flying 

And though the world 

Passed it off as lore

Know you know 

Why the dragons 

Are here no more…

But I swear 

On a clear day 

I see their wings

And riding with them 

The Dragon King.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017
*Image source unknown.

You Are Worthy 

You Are Worthy 

by Carolyn Glackin 

YOU are worthy of praise 

YOU are worthy of peace 

YOU are worthy of love

YOU are worthy of respect 

YOU are worthy of joy 

Throughout all of the cosmos 

And out of billions of people in this world, there is only ONE of YOU!

And YOU are WORTHY!!


Carolyn Glackin 

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017

Art by Brandy Kayzakian-Rowe.

Song of the Soul 

There’s a path that awaits you 

That only you can know
Listen for the music
It’s the song of your soul
You’ve been singing it forever
Especially when you roam
The song serves to remind you
That your heart is your true home
And in the words you’ll find
All you’ll ever need to know
It’s the roadmap of your life
It’s the song of your soul.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017
Art by Meldra Driscoll

Knight and Day 

Knight and Day
by Carolyn Glackin
He was a dream within a dream
An echo of vibrations
That reached across time
He had a heart that beat for mine
He was the manifestation
Of a promise made
So long ago
In a sunny glade
He was the truth
Come to life
In earthly flesh
With blue eyes
He was the reminder
That I’d always need
To know myself
To remain free
And through him
I called myself home
There in my heart
Through the love he’d shown
He was my touchstone
My angelic reminder
Of worlds that were softer,
gentler, and kinder
And through our union
Two would be one
One heart, one mind
And work to be done
For we shared a mission
Right here, on this earth
The restoring of peace
Through love, a rebirth
Together we’d walk
Through the dark
As the Light
I was his day
And he, my knight.
Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017*Artist unknown. 

Here I Am 

Here I Am 

by Carolyn Glackin 

Like blessed water flows 

So too, my soul goes

Like sparkling stars that shine

So too, do I

Like the endless tears we weep

With angels while we sleep

And laughter overheard

Among friends who need no words 

Like joy on a a summer day 

Like the heart of a child at play

And miracles that we can’t explain 

In a world that’s often full of pain 

Or the silent mystery of the sea

That rages through us peacefully 

All of these, at times are me

And still yet, there’s more 

There are parts of me I can’t explain 

Lessons I have yet to gain

Wisdom I have yet to share 

And whispering voices, always there 

Places that call out my name

Demons I have yet to tame

I’m far from perfect

But I bear no shame

For I know who I am

And I’m here to walk with each of you

To share our joys and burdens too

To heal ourselves and one another 

To regard ourselves as sister and brother 

So if you’ll have me, here I am

A loving presence with dreams and plans

And this I hope you understand 

You have my heart, now here’s my hand. 

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017

*Artist unknown.


My Beloved

I will always sit with you

In the truth 

Of divine awareness 

And if it causes you

To turn away from me

Then I will let you go

I cannot show you 

Less than all that I AM

Nor can I mirror 

Less than all that you are 

When you’re ready 

To see our truth 

Come to me

Until then,

I’ll be right here 

Seeing it for both of us.

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 

Image source: Google.

The Sacred Art of Prayer 

The Sacred Art of Prayer

by Carolyn Glackin 
Prayers are like a warm, soft blanket

They fully surround the person they’re intended for 

And wrap them in unconditional love

Prayers spoken with sincerity and pure intention are the precursor to miracles

The words are carried off to the Divine on a crystal-like grid

Where they intermingle with the power of transformation, float back down from the heavens, and descend upon the intended soul with the gentleness of a warm snowfall 

From there, free will dances with the power of intent and something new is created 

Prayers are always, always answered 

The reason we fail to see that, is because the answer is often in accordance with our highest good, rather than what we thought we wanted or needed

At a later point, once removed from the situation, we’re better able to see the truth of this 

When we pray, we’re communing with the wisest aspect of ourselves as well as with the Divine 

When we surrender our ego and place ourselves tenderly into the arms of the Beloved while letting our prayers be known, the results are nothing short of miraculous 

It can be nothing less, when we’re willing to perceive the spark of the Divine interlaced throughout the outcome

This, of course, is based on personal perception 

May our hearts be opened wide enough to glean the beauty, truth, and wisdom contained within answered prayers. 


Carolyn Glackin 

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017
Art by Eva Campbell

Prayer of the Lightworker

Let my words be spoken with love 

Let my soul be a vessel of light
Let me be a living example
Of all that is just and is right
May I be a bringer of peace
To all those who come my way
May my arms be tools of healing
For all those that I embrace
May I offer rest to the weary
And respite to the forlorn
May I be a pillar of strength
To all those who grieve and mourn
Let me walk with grace on this earth
And be mindful of it’s beauty
And remind my brothers and sisters
That respecting the earth is our duty
Let me be forever grateful
For all that comes my way
‘Tis a grateful heart that rejoices
No matter how hard the day
Let my days on this earth be productive
For I’m here to serve one and all
May my body be willing and able
Each time that I am called
May I take on the pain of the suffering
And transmute it to higher love
And if I should be unable
Let me call on the angels above
May I be forever humble
And lay my ego to rest
And trust in a higher power
To guide me toward what is best
And when my days on earth are over
And I’m called back home up above
May I have done all that I could do
To fill the whole world with love
And so it is
Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017

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