The Long Road Home

This is a song I wrote today.

The Long Road Home
by Carolyn Glackin
Oh for I am but a traveler
On the endless road back home
Ever long and ever winding
Many times I’ve felt alone

And my heart’s been caught in shadows
When I could not see the light
And I often lost my way
In the dark and lonely night

Yet I know now you’ve been with me
By my side through every mile
There were times you led the way
So that I could rest a while

And the road seems somehow shorter
And the end seems near in sight
When I know that you’re here with me
On this journey of my life

So I thank you very kindly
And I give my love to thee
For you have been my savior
You have helped me see

And the truth has been revealed
So I’ll tell everyone I know
We may walk an endless mile
But we never walk alone

So whenever you grow weary
And you fear this never ends
And the road is dark and empty
And you cannot find a friend

I beseech you to remember
‘Twas a promise set in stone
We come here to walk a while
But we never walk alone

When your lot in life is heavy
And when your sight grows dim
I pray that you’ll remember
You need only look within

For in your heart lies waiting
The promise we were shown
All the love that you’ve been seeking
All the happy times you’ve known

All the peace and all the solace
All the comfort you could need
Waits within for you to find it
Both in thought and word and deed

And the one who gave you life
Who fashioned you with love
Has never left your side
Since you came here from above

So my dear one please keep walking
You’ve got miles yet still to go
But you’ve got all you need within you
So keep walking on your road.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to Igor Shulman.


Flight of Fancy

This piece, which I’ve titled “Flight of Fancy,” comes from some figment of my imagination. I was in the mood to write something fun, using some colorful, lesser used words. I also used a touch of poetic license with the word ‘romancey,’ for the sake of rhyming consistency. Hey, a poet’s gotta do what a poet’s gotta do, you know?! 😉😆
Flight of Fancy
by Carolyn Glackin
A wild sojourner’s
Torrid affair
Led her to
A hapless truth
Her paramour,
Though debonair
Was shameless, feckless,
And uncouth
Her trust betrayed
Her travels delayed
A victim of
His tactless guile
She thought it best
To seek some rest
And cease her journey
For a while
A flight of fancy
Quite romancey
Led her to
A handsome gent
Said he: “Come with me,
There’s a world to see”
So she packed her bags
And off they went.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credit: “Flight of Fancy Queen,” by Ciro Marchetti.

The Lesson

The Lesson

by Carolyn Glackin

But soft!

Beneath the pale moonlight

Bequeathing us a silent night

Where stood a heavenly apparition

Come to render my soul’s perdition

There stood I, my heart affright

Seeking a way to make things right

Said I:

“Holy spectre, I beg a solution.

How do I earn thy absolution?”

Said she:

“This judgment ’tis not

Mine to render.

I merely represent thy sender.”

So then I had myself a query

All outcomes looking

Bleak and dreary

The fate of my soul, now undefined

I waxed and waned within my mind

At long last, I came to see

The judge and jury both were me

As I’m beholden to myself

I place my fate in no one else

No longer would I bend the knee

To some imagined deity

Who awaits me with hell’s fire

Nay, I seek a plane much higher

And so it was that on that night

My soul absolved, all set to right

And this decided verily

For I am sovereign, I am free

As to mine spectre, there she stood

Retreating from the gladed wood

The parting words she left with me:

“You had but simply to come to see

That fate was yours alone to make.

I am not here to give or take.

I leave you now in peace and bliss

But I beg of thee, remember this

Our Lord is not one of destruction

But one of love and reconstruction.

I pray thee may learn of this well

Lest ye make of life a living hell.”

And so I thanked her

For what she taught

This lesson had not been for naught

And from that day forth

This truth I’ve known

My life is mine, I am my own

And whence my life is done at last

I needn’t worry of a doleful past

For in each moment, I’m born anew

And only ‘now’ we count as true

Thus I’ll pass on to what awaits

The promise of those pearly gates.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner/artist.

Rapha El

Rapha El

by Carolyn Glackin

He is mighty, proud, and strong

And he’s been with me all along

For time eternal, just we two

A bond that nothing could undo

A noble knight upon a steed

An angel helping those in need

A heart of gold with open hands

But words fail to describe this man

He’s more than I could ever say

He fills my heart in every way

My full faith has always

Been in him

He is the one light

That never dims

So oft he carries a heavy load

And it seems he travels a bumpy road

His shoulders slumping

From the weight

Of bearing things

That are much too great

So when this world weighs him down

I hold him close so he won’t drown

And in the light born of my love

Once again, we rise above.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner/artist.

An Ode to the Written Word

An Ode to the Written Word

by Carolyn Glackin

Oh how I marveled

When first I heard

The beauty of

The written word

The way it lingered

On my tongue

This language of

The old and young

Every sonnet

Stole my heart

Each ballad

Led to tears

Free verse did

Inspire my muse

Now with me

Through the years

Limericks brought laughter

While haiku invited peace

And lyrics led to all manner

Of gladness and release

Words should not be worshipped

But in my heart they dwell

For they’ve led me into heaven

And saved me from my hell

So always I am grateful

For all that words can do

Let’s use them to inspire

Let’s keep them

Pure and true

For they can

Bridge the distance

From heart to heart

And land to land

Thus I truly do believe

They are a gift to man.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner.

Oh Harbinger!

Oh Harbinger!

by Carolyn Glackin

Oh harbinger!
I pray thee
Don’t bring us sorrow!
Don’t give us cause
To fear tomorrow
Hold thy tongue
And still thy lips
Hush them with
Thy fingertips
For hearts are such
A gentle thing
They break with ease
O’er everything
So send us prayers
Send us peace
Send us light
If you please
But keep thy darkness
Unto thee
We don’t deserve your misery
I pray thee harbinger
May you be well
May you be freed
From the grips of hell
For beneath your darkness
Lie feathery wings
Release them!
For such joy it brings
Let your spirit
Shine and soar
As you were meant to
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credited to Aimee Stewart.

Hallowed Halls

For those who have an interest in ancient Egyptian mysticism.

I dance with the eternal

To the song that never ends

Yet what the heart and soul both know

The mind can’t comprehend

Down the Halls of the Amenti

Far beneath the River Nile

In the land of the undead

I have walked the mystic mile

I learned there with the ancients

And the Keeper of the Flame

The wisened one named Thoth

And the ones who have no name

To thine shall be the glory

Ever flowering in the night

So long I lingered there

Always searching for the light

Then the emerald words revealed

All the truths I longed to see

Thus I freed my soul from bondage

And placed the power back in me

No karmic wheel can spin me

For I’m a sovereign soul

Autonomous and self-governing

As long since has been foretold

And so my dance continues

Realm to realm, star to star

Swirling to the rhythm

Of the music in my heart.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Images credited to the rightful owner.

March Waltzes In

March Waltzes In
by Carolyn Glackin
February, cold and dreary
Leaves us longing
For the sun
All the snow and ice must go
Goodbye winter,
It’s been fun!
Ready now for golden rays
To brighten up
Our endless days
And raise our weary gardens
From their slumber
And right on time,
As if on cue
March comes waltzing in
With all it’s thunder
A bit of rain,
But I’ll not complain
For soon we’ll see the fruits
Of March’s labor
As flowers and trees
And birds and bees
Reconnect us with our yards
And with our neighbors
Such a wonderful thing
Is the warmth March brings
Not only to our world
But to our hearts
Reminding us
Without a doubt
Of all the love and beauty
Spring imparts.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Art by Deyanira Harris.

Earth Angel

Earth Angel
by Carolyn Glackin
I longed to hear an angel’s voice
To feel his breath upon my skin
Soon enough, one came along
Who had a noble knight within
‘Twas perhaps a moment
Indeed, not more
After I first heard his voice
When I was thoroughly aware
That loving him was not a choice
For his heart was melded to my own
And our minds in tandem thought
Such shared memories had we two
That I knew twasn’t all for naught
And though this angel lives on earth
(He’s truly here, you see)
And others cannot see his wings
I’ve felt them holding me
And in his eyes of blue I’ve glimpsed
Such depth of emotion there
That words would fail me to explain
All that he’s had to bear
In his gentle, tender, loving way
He’s carried the world on his wings
And with mighty brow and steely sword
He’s battled fiery things
It’s a sacred oath, a primordial pact
By which he lives his truth
Upholding the promise that he made
He stands as living proof
That angels do exist on earth
It’s more than true, you see
For I’ve got one here
With eyes of blue
And we’re pledged for eternity.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credit: John Blumen

The Balmy Shore

And when the world

Makes my heart weary

I lay down near

The balmy shore

In sacred silence I sit

Until the world

Becomes less

And I become more

For always,

I must remember

That all here

Is but a dream

Though quite oft

It does seem scary

I can choose

To remain serene

And by softening

My heart

And offering love

By day and night

My world becomes

Much brighter

As the dark

Dissolves into light

Truly ’tis mind

Over matter

All the lessons

Such as these

And perhaps they can

Make or break you

Depending on what

You believe

So when the world

Is too much with you

And some devil

Lurks at your door

Please find yourself

Some solace

In your very own

Balmy shore.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credit: Kate Boyce.