Beyond the Veil 

​The veil of forgetfulness falls heavily upon most souls as they enter this world. This renders the being almost entirely unable to remember their divine origins and the truth of who they are. The veil can be lifted though! To do so, one must travel deeply into their heart of hearts and become intimately acquainted with the light of their soul. When this is done often enough, soon all truths will be revealed and the veil will dissipate more and more each time until it’s gone completely. So go, go now and make haste! Your truth awaits you and the sooner more souls are awake and aware, the sooner this world restores itself to a planet of peace and oneness. All are blessed in the Light, but first we must remember that we already dwell in it at all times. 

-Carolyn Glackin ♡

Photo credit: Source unknown. 


Wild Women, Wolves, and the Moon. Dispelling the Myths About the Modern Woman 

​Here’s the deal folks, I’m all for romance and glamour but I’m also somewhat of a practical realist. I need to clear up a certain matter before expectations start getting way out of control. Assuming you’re a reader of poetry (assumed because you’re on my page), I’m sure you’ve noticed the way that modern poets are depicting the women of today. To hear it told, we spend every moment of our spare time running wild and free under the full moon, decked out in a fabulous flowing gown, long hair dancing in the wind behind us, while surrounded by a pack of wolves. Anybody done that lately?! Does that even sound safe to any of you?!! I’m not even referring to the wolves just yet, I’m talking about running around in the woods with a billowing dress and long hair flowing all over the place! The hair’s gonna get caught up in branches and the dress is gonna get torn to shreds by all manner of whatever the heck’s growing on the forest floor and/or the pack of wolves! I mean, if the poets want to depict us that way, can we at least be wearing some work boots and a pair of coveralls? Maybe a clip for the flowing hair too… Alright listen, I’m not looking to get on anyone’s bad list. It’s a fun idea and all and I’m glad that women get to be wild and free instead of stuck in the kitchen or ironing in the laundry room or whatever; but I feel that it’s my duty to reveal a perhaps truer version of today’s modern woman. So, here’s what you’re likely to see if you show up unannounced at my house, full moon or no full moon: a tired woman with unkempt hair wearing a comfy pair of pajama pants and an ancient hoodie, sitting on her bed surrounded by more cats than any one household should possess, munching on loud, crunchy, messy snacks from several half-eaten bags around her. The wild and free part’s legit. No argument there. To sum things up, I’ll say this: women of today can be exactly three things: WHATEVER. WE. WANT. And we’re getting pretty good at it! So, that’s the real deal my friends. As told by Yours Truly. 😊

The Calm Within the Storm

​I’m sure this (or something similar), has been said by someone before, but these very words came to me tonight as I sit here in my little sector of the Universe where fires have been burning relentlessly out of control for over a month now and a tornado is making it’s way through our normally quiet town at this very moment. I’m very sad for Mother Earth. I know she has no choice but to release the tumultuous emotions that have been put into her. This is the result of the hatred and bitterness that dwells in darkened hearts. It does not affect one, it affects all. So I sit here, knowing that I alone cannot stop a raging fire or an unyielding tornado; but there is something I can do. I can be calm, I can be peaceful, and I can continuously send love out in all directions of this Earth. Yes, I can do all of that. And that’s certainly something.

Much love,

Yours Truly/CKG ♡

The Call

The Call
I heard the call so I showed up.
Eyes blazing, heart glowing, spirit strong and ready.
The voices of the people filled my ears, overflowed in my heart, tumbled relentlessly through my mind.
Anger jabbed me from all angles like the sharpest knife.
Fear stole my breath and nearly suffocated me.
Sadness burned all through me and tried to leave me hollow and aching, desperate and alone.
Hatred, the worst of all, lied to me. Told me everyone was against me. Told me to trust no one. Told me anything appearing different was unacceptable. Constantly taunted me and whispered in my ear and did all it could to drive me mad.
But it didn’t.
Because I remembered that I’m made of better things.
I remembered that there is no room for anger, fear, sadness, or hatred in an empowered mind or in a heart that constantly overflows with love.
So, I went to the top of the highest mountain.
I spread my wings.
I stood tall, proud, strong.
I gathered the largest breath that I could muster.
I stared down into the dark void.
And from the depths of my soul I released all of the darkness into the ethers by shouting out a loud and resounding “Nooooooooo…” Then, all was quiet and still.
There was a holy reverence all around me.
And I knew then that I was ready and that I’d always answer the call.
That I’d always show up for my people.
That I’d do everything in my power to keep them safe in my heart and remind them of who we are.
So I do that.
To the best of my ability.
For you.
For me.

Yours Truly/CKG
November 12, 2016


I may be Ms. Happy Pants nowadays but that wasn’t always the case. I’ve walked through the fire and felt it’s burn more times than I can remember in this world. If you look closely, I’m sure there’s still an ash or two lingering in my hair… I kept walking though and one day I arrived on the other side. I can’t explain exactly how or when or why, I can only tell you that I did. I made it. Whole, worthy, and mostly unscathed. With a new perspective and a compassionate heart full of love and gratitude for all things and all people. I believe that in every moment of every day, life offers us the opportunity to arrive on the other side of the fire. It’s up to us to do what’s necessary to get there and that tends to be a bit different for everyone. It’s a very personal journey. It’s a life changer and a game changer. It’ll be the best thing you’ll ever do here. It’s a return to love and a return to your true, eternal self. So, what’s a few scorch marks in light of that kind of glory? I say burn baby, burn!!

Old Pathos Leads to New Path

​We’ve tried bullying. We’ve tried tyranny and brute force. We’ve killed, maimed, violated and destroyed through the wars we’ve waged. We’ve judged, discriminated against, vilified, belittled and devalued that which we viewed as ‘other’ or ‘different.’ Then we put our blinders on and our heads in the sand in a futile attempt to hide from the shame of what we created. Then we made ourselves into victims and whiny 5 year olds by insisting that none of it could be our fault. “It must be the government, or the church, or the armed forces, or those other people, or… or…” Then we ran out of excuses and remembered that we are one world and one people. We all became emotionally and mentally unhealthy together, therefore we can all get better and do better together. We know that none of the above has ever worked. It’s continued to fail miserably every time and has served only to create more of what we don’t want. Some people still say that the possibility of peace on Earth is a silly, crazy, impossible, idealistic pipedream. I say we’ve tried everything else except for the path of peace. We’ve done it all. Peace is the final item left on the checklist of ways to coexist on this planet without destroying everyone in it. At this point, what should be viewed as crazy, silly, and impossible would be to continue doing what we’ve been doing for countless centuries now while anticipating different results. I hope we are not that daft. How about it, folks? Peace. The final frontier.

Advice from a Retired Warrior Princess 

​Dear Fellow Travelers,

Each day, I spend time reflecting inwardly and pondering what my message to the world should be. I don’t want to say too much or too little,  I don’t want to repeat a bunch of stuff you’ve already heard before and I don’t want to fill you up with a bunch of fluffy, silly ‘feel good’ nonsense because it isn’t practical and you can’t do anything with it or act on it.  The other thing is, because I have found love, happiness, peace and joy within myself, I want very much to share it with the whole world. I want to somehow pass around handfuls of it so that everyone can partake in it together. I think that’s just what happiness does. It wants to spread it’s warm glow all around so everyone can bask in it, just as laughter wants to bubble up in the hearts and lungs of everyone around us and find it’s way out so that it can delight the next person. Love wants to engulf us in the softest blanket imagineable so that we feel safe and warm and treasured and secure. The trouble is, I can’t hand you my happiness nor my joy and laughter. I can certainly extend it to you but it’s far more important that you find and cultivate it within yourself because only then can it be authentic and everlasting. What I can do is offer my love and compassion and have it meet you wherever you currently are in your journey.  I can also promise to see you as you truly are, especially when it’s difficult for you to see that for yourself… If you see yourself as broken, I will see you as whole. If you think you are nothing, I will see you as the wise, capable being that I know all of us to be. If you have given up, given in, and decided to play small because this world has chewed you up and spit you out for the umpteenth time, I will remind you that you have a brave, loving heart and a warrior spirit and I’ll tell you that you didn’t come here to tap out or stand down or allow the world to tell you who or what you are. I can do that for you because I’ve been down some bumpy, treacherous roads in my journey too and looking back, I think it would have been very comforting to know that someone still believed in my greatness and worthiness even when I couldn’t. Within all of that, you still possess the right to deny my version of your truth because it’s up to you to decide who you are as well as to claim it and proudly announce your truth to the world. Meanwhile, I’ll be here walking my path and working through my stuff as well as offering my support and encouragement to all those I meet along the way. One last thing: you know that person I mentioned? The one that exists inside of you and is strong, healthy, loving and whole?  That person is really and truly amazing. Don’t take my word for it though.  Go ahead and see for yourself. 

Big love coming your way,

Yours Truly

No Plans to Save the World 

​Every now and again, a friend or an acquaintance will jokingly accuse me of trying to save the world. I know it’s meant as a compliment and I take it as such because it means they recognize the big love and deep reverence that dwells in my heart for all people. With that said, I’d now like to clear up this matter. I have no plans to save the world and I wouldn’t even bother trying… Anticipated reactions: What? Gasp!! Mon Dieu!! I don’t actually have any French acquaintances. Just thought I’d throw that in there for fun. 😉

Anyway, as much as I love people and the world, I know that I can’t do a darned thing to save any of you because I personally believe that it’s up to each of us individually to save ourselves, and in doing so we heal the world little by little. As some of you may know, I make a point to be of service to others in whatever way I can. In regard to this matter, I assist by loving people exactly as they are, despite how flawed or unworthy or unlovable they think they are; and I support their inner healing process and do my best to guide them to the awareness that maybe, just maybe, they’re pretty darn fabulous and worthy and loveable right here, right now, no matter what. If they can get to that point, they have a decent shot at healing from within and saving themselves and that’s rather huge and empowering if you ask me. Building on that, at the end of the day, the truth of the matter is that we did NOT come here to stand down or play small or be less than. We came to stand in our glory and shine the heck out of it all over the stinking place in the hopes of helping others to stand in their glory and shine it all over the place too so that we can all be happy and shiny together and have peace on Earth. Ok, that got a little silly but hopefully you get the gist. The other thing is this: I didn’t come here to be a leader and I sure as heck didn’t come here to be a follower. To be one, you need the other and that just doesn’t spell out personal freedom to me. Instead, I invite you to join me on even, solid ground as your friend and as your equal because the thing is, we are ALL walking each other home and I am so incredibly happy to know you and to walk with you because from what I’ve seen, you’re all pretty darned amazing. Journey on my friends. See you out there on the road.
Big love coming at you,
Yours Truly