Heavenly Humor

​And the Lord said “Many are called but few are chosen. Mainly because no one answers their phone or listens to their voicemail anymore. I really need to learn how to text!”

Little something I came up with during the wee hours. I hope it won’t be considered blasphemous. I’m already in enough trouble for all the guardian angels that have been quitting on account of me. Who knew angels could have nervous breakdowns?! 😉

Photo source: Pixabay


Wanted: Feline Loving Pacifists

I swear to Buddha, if things don’t start improving in this world I’m packing up my horde of kittens and we’re relocating to a deserted island where I can start up a commune for feline loving pacifists.  Lord knows, there won’t be any wifi or internet connection out there, so that’ll be the last you ever hear from me.
Stop clapping and cheering.  It’s rude. 😉