Thoughts on Love

Posting a day late but better late than never…

Hello bloggers and readers!! I hope everyone is feeling loved today! I know Valentine’s Day can bring about mixed emotions for those who aren’t presently in a relationship. I wanted to remind you that love is not just for lovers and your relationship status says nothing of your value and/or worth (self worth or otherwise). I’m not a huge fan of hallmark holidays that cause us to feel obligated to offer gifts and sentiments; but I’m a very big fan of showing love when we feel inspired to do so, because then the recipient knows it was truly offered from the heart. I’m also a huge fan of celebrating, expressing, and sharing love 365 days a year; because how can such a grand, all encompassing thing be limited to only one special day?!! Naturally, I’m a big promoter of self love as well as love and respect for all others; for we are all, each and every one of us, truly a part of each other. So, with that said, I offer you my love and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s learn to love ourselves enough to heal the world!! ❤🌎❤




Dear Everyone, 

​Occasionally you’ll hear me refer to us as brothers and sisters. I hope none of y’all are made uncomfortable by that. You’d have to understand my heart. You see, far away from here, in a place devoid of anger, hatred, fear, discrimination, race, religion, gender, creed, and all other earthly entrapments, all we know is that we are one and we exist in that knowingness in an unending state of blissful awareness. I like to keep that awarenesses with me at all times, especially to help remind those who might have forgotten. So I’ll kindly and humbly ask you to please forgive my overly familiar ways because although you may have forgotten me, I still know and love you and I hold you dearly in my heart for all time. Oh what a joyous celebration there will be in the heavens when all souls know they are one!! I’m not one to delay a good party so I started my celebrating right here on Earth! Y’all are welcome to join me at any time. Yes, I said “y’all” twice. I’ve been living in the South for 10 years now. The phrase grows on you after a while so y’all are gonna have to get used to it! Oops – that’s three now!! Love you everyone!! Come dance with me in eternal bliss in the Light of the Divine where we are safe, and free, and loved forever. Blessed be to us all.


Carolyn ♡

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Dear Wondrous Souls…

​I have a few thoughts that I’d like to share before calling it a night. Each day, my goal is to stretch and grow myself in ways that I never have before. Not because I’m not good enough right now in this moment, for we all are, but rather to allow myself to be as kind and patient and loving and tolerant as I can possibly be in all situations. Some days it’s very easy and other days are fraught with seemingly endless challenges. As you might imagine, I stretch and grow the most after the challenging days and I’m always, always grateful for them afterwards. Along those lines, for some time now I’ve been going on and on about how everyone should be peaceful and loving and non-judgmental, etc, etc. Well, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately and I’ve decided that even though those attributes are all inherently good, I’ve no more right to tell you how you should be than I have to tell you how you should vote. It isn’t my job, nor is it any of my business, nor is it required of me. All this time, up until now, I thought that as long as I was suggesting that you should be something good it was perfectly acceptable for me to do so but now I realize that love always means acceptance and freedom. Love isn’t a bossy know-it-all (ok, I wasn’t that bad, lol… just attempting to drive the point home here). Love allows and accepts and gives and asks not a single thing in return. Ever. As that awareness really began to sink in, I knew it was to become part of the ongoing truth of who I am and who I choose to be. And so it is my friends, that from this day forward, I will do my very best to refrain from telling you how or who you should be and instead I will merely show you who and how I am. Beyond that, I will also do my very best to love you in the way we all deserve to be loved; which means that I will love you exactly as you are, unconditionally, no strings attached, and no unwarranted advice regarding your character. I’m far from perfect so I may slip up a time or two, and if so please know that it isn’t out of judgment or malice. It’s merely because I have your best interest at heart. I do like this new plan though. There’s so much freedom in it for all of us. You just be whatever amazing aspect of yourself you choose to be and rest assured, I’ll love you regardless. Yep, even the lousy stinkers, lol. Well, I think that about covers it. At any rate, that’s enough stretching and growing for one night! Take good care and I’ll talk to you soon. 
With love,

Yours Truly