DON’T Kill ‘Em with Kindness…

Got to thinking about the old phrase “kill them with kindness” earlier today. It really isn’t a kind phrase at all. It suggests a manipulative form of kindness to dupe your adversary. Thus, I was led to the posted words. Let’s keep it kind for the right reasons. Otherwise, it’s no better than political correctness. 


Carolyn Glackin


The Chalice 

I find that people do not empty or drain me of that which I am. I make certain that my chalice is full before engaging with others so that I approach them only to offer love and kindness, seeking nothing of them. When they ascertain that I love and respect them, more often than not, they offer the same in return. What a beautiful exchange from heart to heart and soul to soul. Surely there is no greater gift of spirit. 

-Carolyn Glackin

*Chalice artwork found on Pinterest. 

Thoughts on Love

Posting a day late but better late than never…

Hello bloggers and readers!! I hope everyone is feeling loved today! I know Valentine’s Day can bring about mixed emotions for those who aren’t presently in a relationship. I wanted to remind you that love is not just for lovers and your relationship status says nothing of your value and/or worth (self worth or otherwise). I’m not a huge fan of hallmark holidays that cause us to feel obligated to offer gifts and sentiments; but I’m a very big fan of showing love when we feel inspired to do so, because then the recipient knows it was truly offered from the heart. I’m also a huge fan of celebrating, expressing, and sharing love 365 days a year; because how can such a grand, all encompassing thing be limited to only one special day?!! Naturally, I’m a big promoter of self love as well as love and respect for all others; for we are all, each and every one of us, truly a part of each other. So, with that said, I offer you my love and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s learn to love ourselves enough to heal the world!! ❤🌎❤



Oh Radiant One 

​Oh radiant one, how my loving eyes beseech thee! 

Only the heavens may know the joy it brings to look upon you 

Only the stars bear witness to the eternal flowering of my love for you

Only the moon sees me dance rapturously in your presence 

Only the darkness looks on as your light reveals me

Oh radiant one, I stand firmly in your truth herein the light of day 

And I shall welcome every soul 

who comes to pass this way.
-Carolyn Glackin ♡
Artwork: Obtained on Google. No artist listed.

Dear Everyone, 

​Occasionally you’ll hear me refer to us as brothers and sisters. I hope none of y’all are made uncomfortable by that. You’d have to understand my heart. You see, far away from here, in a place devoid of anger, hatred, fear, discrimination, race, religion, gender, creed, and all other earthly entrapments, all we know is that we are one and we exist in that knowingness in an unending state of blissful awareness. I like to keep that awarenesses with me at all times, especially to help remind those who might have forgotten. So I’ll kindly and humbly ask you to please forgive my overly familiar ways because although you may have forgotten me, I still know and love you and I hold you dearly in my heart for all time. Oh what a joyous celebration there will be in the heavens when all souls know they are one!! I’m not one to delay a good party so I started my celebrating right here on Earth! Y’all are welcome to join me at any time. Yes, I said “y’all” twice. I’ve been living in the South for 10 years now. The phrase grows on you after a while so y’all are gonna have to get used to it! Oops – that’s three now!! Love you everyone!! Come dance with me in eternal bliss in the Light of the Divine where we are safe, and free, and loved forever. Blessed be to us all.


Carolyn ♡

Photo source: Found on Google. 

Dark Writing vs. Light Writing and Other Meanderings…

This is something I’ve been thinking about, so I figured I’d address it. Aside from an occasional piece or two, it’s unlikely that you’ll see me go “dark” with my writing or my poetry. It’s just not where I am within myself these days. The darkest I’ve gone lately would be my homage to Leonard Cohen written a week or so ago, in which I explore a more realistic definition of love by tying it in with the concept of  “a cold and a broken Hallelujah” as per the lyrics from Mr. Cohen’s song “Hallelujah,” which I’m slightly head over heels in love with and nuts about. Keep in mind though, a good portion of my homage was written based on how I wanted the piece to sound and has little to do with my state of mind these days, although I do think that a lot of things in this world are good examples of a cold and broken hallelujah. I don’t know, I’m a bit overly focused on the song since hearing of Leonard Cohen’s sudden death I suppose. Those particular lyrics just won’t leave my mind for some reason and they have the ability to reduce me to tears as I ponder over all their applicable meanings in this world. Ok, I digress. Apologies offered, I digress often, lol. What I was getting at is that I’m not a “dark” writer but I have a huge, huge amount of respect for those who are and I do make a point to read their work on a somewhat regular basis. There are many incredibly talented “dark” writers right here on Facebook. Much of their work is breathtakingly beautiful. Much of it will cut you to the quick and rip you to the core and make your heart ache for some place called “home” that many of us never seem to find here. You see, most of us as writers write our truth, and our truth isn’t always pretty but the beauty of it all is that the words are our therapy. They truly are our tonic and our healer. I’ll always believe that a writer writes for herself/himself until reaching a certain point of inner healing as well as finally knowing oneself at long last. Once a writer knows who they are, they’re no longer writing for themselves. At that point, we write for you. So, dark, light, or somewhere in between, it’s all good and worthy because any way you slice it, what it boils down to is an offering of ourselves. Anything we put out there for the world to read contains the essence of our heart and soul. That’s just the way it is really. I doubt it’s even optional. If you’re a writer, I’d encourage you to read all kinds of material. Really take it in and internalize it and think about what the writer is trying to convey. Either they’re offering up a part of their soul for healing or they’re doing their best to save yours. That my friends, is the opposite of a cold and broken hallelujah and just the thought of it makes me smile. Keep writing and reading friends. We’ve all got a lot of worthy things to say and you just never know who you might be helping or even saving each time you share your words. 

Thanks for reading ,

Yours Truly/CKG

Side note: I wrote this on Facebook for my Facebook page, thus the reference.

America has Decided and Many are Bigly Concerned 

​A decision has been made friends, the die is cast. Many are angry, scared, confused, and upset. I understand that and I know you have good reason to feel that way, but had the other side won we’d have a different group of people in this boat so let’s try keep things in perspective for purposes of fairness. My advice may be unwanted and/or unwarranted, but me being me, I’m putting it out there anyway and to that end I have this to say: all current problems and challenges we’re facing in the outer world can only be corrected in the inner world because that’s where all of this comes from. What we see outside of ourself is an externalization and an accurate depiction of what lies within. Even for the most skeptical among us, there is no denying that. So, how do we proceed, you ask? Or maybe you didn’t but I’ll continue in my usual relentless manner anyway… ahem… as I was saying, we correct this situation by “getting right with the Lord.” Don’t worry atheists, I don’t mean that literally. Religious folk, feel free to take it literally if you choose. New age, spiritual, Buddha/Zen masters uh, well… do whatever it is that you do… lol. The point is, it’s time for some serious introspection for all of us. It’s time to ask “in what ways am I not peaceful, in what ways am I not loving, in what ways am I hiding and playing small and not using my voice, in what ways am I being intolerant and judgmental, and what part of me believes I can’t have the life I deserve in which I feel safe and abundant?” These are the questions we must all carefully consider and reflect upon because therein lies the problem and the answer. The problem appears to be “out there” because as a species, we tend to be so dense that we have to be presented with our faults and wrongdoings to the degree of having them stare us in the face, and sometimes even that isn’t enough. Harsh words on a tough day for many of us, I realize; but if we’re to get anywhere any time soon, we’ve got to get started on this. Ask not who out there got you into this situation. You’ll never find the answer, unless you happen to be looking in a mirror. No one person is to blame and no one person is without blame. We all have a hand in it. So, let’s get to work, shall we? As it currently stands, we’ve got four years. Let’s use that time wisely. Peace be to all of us. Peaceful people draw forth peaceful leaders.


Yours Truly 

On This Day…

​On this day…

Kittens nestled on my bed
A warm, dry roof over our head

Food in fridge, books to read

And prayers said for those in need.

Love and blessings to all. Praying for peace around all voters tomorrow. Peace in our minds. Peace in our hearts. Peace in our world.

Yours Truly 

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin 

​Mitakuye Oyasin. A beautiful Lakota prayer that asks for the Creator’s blessing over everyone and everything on this Earth and honors the sacredness of each person’s individual spiritual path.  In other words, it’s all inclusive. I was deeply touched after reading more about it in the following article.

Mitakuye Oyasin – A Powerful Lakota Prayer for All Our Relations