by Carolyn Glackin

I sang my sorrows to the setting sun

Who heard all my words but for me had none

Then I lamented to the latent moon

Who listened well but left too soon 

I cried a river to a cloud of rain

But it was much too full to bear my pain

I told my tales to the raging sea

But it was too busy waving to listen to me

I shared my secrets with a gusty gale

But it started to blow and my words set sail 

I waged war with my woes on a mountaintop 

But it was too high up, so my words just dropped 

At last I went home, worn out from my day 

I sank into bed and started to pray 

I released all my worries 

And let my tears flow

I let it all out, I let everything go

Then a voice filled the room 

Though there was nothing to see

And I listened intently 

As it spoke to me

It said: “My dear one, leave all your burdens with me

I’m always with you, this you can see

I was the sun shining down on your face

I was the moon gazing at you from space

I was the rain that lovingly kissed you

I’m the sea that was waving 

Because my dear, I’ve missed you

I’m the warm wind 

Which embraced you with love

I was the mountain so high up above

You need not go searching 

For someone outside you 

For I, the Beloved 

Am right here beside you.”

*Artwork found on Pinterest.



This is a lament I wrote about the current state of affairs in the world. It’s called “Listen.” 

Maybe now is a good time to listen 

To ourselves 

To each other 

To spirit 

To plants and animals and trees

To those we’ve labeled different or unworthy 

Those we’ve judged as “other”

Listen to the lost, the forgotten, the meek, the weary, the wayward, the wretched, and the wild…

Let’s listen to ANYONE other than whoever the hell we’ve been listening to

‘Cause they’ve been wrong now 

For quite a while…

-Carolyn Glackin

One Love 

​One Love

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡
Hail to the wise ones 

Our knowledge protectors 

Hail to the peacekeepers 

Our evil deflectors 

All hail the Ancients

Still walking the land

Whispering to us

Lending a hand

Praise the Earth angels

And bless their big hearts

Give thanks for their love

And all they impart 

We each have a mission

We’re part of the whole 

Peace is the motive

Love is the goal.
*Image found on Google Chrome

The Light of the World is YOU 

​The Light of the World is YOU 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡
A slippery slope

Perhaps we misspoke 

Somehow we lost our way

The humans are sleeping

The angels are weeping 

And the demons are out to play
The land is all burning 

The oceans are yearning 

Tear drops comprised of each wave 

And dear Mother Earth 

Still has to give birth 

To a species that thinks she’s their slave
The animals scurry

In attempts to hurry

To get out of mankind’s way

Trapped in a world 

Where truth is unheard of

Illusions ruling our days
Where nothing is sacred

All lost and forgotten 

Divinity down in a hole 

Where love is naught and 

Days are fraught 

With ordeals that stifle the soul
What of us now? 

I just wonder how

We’ll set all the wrongs

Back to right

What of this world 

What of our souls 

Entrapped in an endless 

Dark night…
But hope springs eternal 

Though this place seems infernal 

I know that we still stand a chance

And yes it’s quite daunting 

And no I’m not flaunting 

My awareness of future events
There dwells a great love

In souls here and above 

In each heart a great hope does live

It’s time to remember, it’s time to be peaceful, it’s time to move on and forgive

If we can reclaim and live out our days 

As the Light of the love that we are

This world will start healing 

The evil repealing, the moment we live from our hearts
I beg of you this

Restore your bliss!

Oh please won’t you give it a try?

For what good are we 

Upon this Earth 

If we sit back and watch it all die?
This world is a beauty and I’m sure

It’s our duty

To honor, to protect all that’s here

So I ask of you now

To open your eyes and let love 

Erase all your fear
Just take this chance 

It’s not happenstance 

It real, it’s known, and it’s true 

But not one of us

Can do it alone 

Which is why the world needs all of You!
The people must waken

We must become shaken 

In order to set our minds right

To restore our feelings 

So we can start healing 

And live from our own source of Light 
There’s so much to do

But my friends, I need you

Let’s waken all sisters and brothers 

It’s up to us now to forge a new trail

Unknown to our fathers and mothers
We’re all more than worthy

I promise quite surely 

Each of us has what it takes 

To start once again

To forgive and forget

To move on from all past mistakes 
I’m ready now! Let us begin! 

We’ll flood all the land with our love

We’ll heal the broken, we’ll find the lost

We’ll release the peaceful white dove
So how will it end? 

I can’t tell you my friend 

The future right now is unclear 

But if we join together 

United forever

I’m certain there’s nothing to fear. 
If you’re afraid, I’ll come lead the way

I’ll offer my love and my light

I’ll do what it takes 

To pull us all out 

Of this wretched, endless dark night.
So come take my hand 

Each woman and man

Let’s show this mad world 

Who we are

Let’s stand in our glory 

It’ll make a great story 

Forever retold by the stars
In all that you think

In all that you are

In all that you say and you do

I need you to know 

That come what may

The Light of the world is YOU. 

Source of artwork unknown.