Tales From a Retired Warrior Princess 

Many of today’s gurus and spiritual leaders have bought heavily into the concept that we’re all wounded and broken and fragile and messed up, faulty individuals. Man is that ever a pet peeve of mine and I daresay I’ve allowed it to tick me off… just a little. Anyway, the following is my response to some of that coming to you from an aspect of myself that I refer to as the ‘retired Warrior Princess.’ 

She wasn’t beautifully broken, fragile, or scarred. She knew who she was and she had no need of being a wounded warrior. Sure, she’d kicked some spiritual ass in her time and fought her share of inner demons, but those days were long over and she’d hung up her bow and arrow many moons ago. These days she was happy… peaceful… content… and, just for fun, she had a pocketful of magic that she used at her own discretion.