Title: Unwritten
Subtitle: Sanctus Dei, Nobis Revelare

Holy God, reveal us!
Remove from our hearts
This fright
Deliver us to the day
There ending the long, dark night.
©Carolyn Glackin 2018.

by Carolyn Glackin
I am but one of many
Come in the long, dark night
You may not know me by name
But by power, force, and might
You might think of us as soldiers
Volunteered to save this earth
And give rise to a peaceful world
By right of mankind’s birth
We come not seeking glory
We are not here for your acclaim
But brethren, please know this
Once we’re done,
Things won’t be the same
There exists no army to stop us
No battalion could strike us down
For we are empowered by love
The best enforcer around
Don’t look for wings upon us
We’re no longer of the sky
Long ago we did forego
That which set us aloft so high
We are stationed all over your world
In every corner and nook
By year, we grow in number
You have only but to look
We are the sons and daughters
Of the great one beyond the sky
And we come here to represent
To exalt and to glorify
For you, a downtrodden race
Who’ve completely forgotten your worth
You lie about in your shame
Plagued by sorrow, adversity, and dearth
Rise up now, Adonai’s children!
Don’t you know?
We are one and the same?
Stop looking to point a finger
There is no one to admonish or blame
Look but to yourself for power
Look but to yourself for might
For when you remember your worth
‘Tis you who will rule the night!
My brothers and sisters, please hear me
The love that you seek is here!
But never will your eyes spy it
So long as you exist in fear
Your soul has been sullied by guilt
Your spirit is reeking of shame
But I ask you this question, my loves
Do you not know from whence you came?
So noble were your beginnings
So lofty, so regal, so proud
And now you scuttle about
Your truth lost to the earthen shroud
I beg of you, please remember!
For the end of an era is nigh
We are not beholden to earth
Let us return to the sky!
Rise up now sons and daughters!
For I am the truth that sings
I shall sing but for to reveal you
That you might recall your wings
Then we shall fly home together
Not in body, but in mind
And the earth will inherit the future
That was always meant for mankind
And we’ll build a new world together
We shall bless it with mesh and gold
Bit by bit, and piece by piece
Paved with truth and love, as foretold
Yes, we will give rise to a story
But still there’s much planning to do
Oh my dear ones, please remember!
Do you not know the writer is you?!
In you alone, lies the power
In you alone, waits the glory
We come but to remind you
You are the heroes of your story.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to the rightful owner.

‘Sanctus Dei, nobis revelare’ is Latin for ‘holy God, reveal us.’ While writing the poem, ‘sanctus Dei’ came to me. I’m not sure why, as I’ve not studied Latin in this lifetime, and yet Latin words occasionally appear in my mind when writing about subject matters relating to God.

‘Adonai’ is an archaic term for God.


The Lesson

The Lesson

by Carolyn Glackin

But soft!

Beneath the pale moonlight

Bequeathing us a silent night

Where stood a heavenly apparition

Come to render my soul’s perdition

There stood I, my heart affright

Seeking a way to make things right

Said I:

“Holy spectre, I beg a solution.

How do I earn thy absolution?”

Said she:

“This judgment ’tis not

Mine to render.

I merely represent thy sender.”

So then I had myself a query

All outcomes looking

Bleak and dreary

The fate of my soul, now undefined

I waxed and waned within my mind

At long last, I came to see

The judge and jury both were me

As I’m beholden to myself

I place my fate in no one else

No longer would I bend the knee

To some imagined deity

Who awaits me with hell’s fire

Nay, I seek a plane much higher

And so it was that on that night

My soul absolved, all set to right

And this decided verily

For I am sovereign, I am free

As to mine spectre, there she stood

Retreating from the gladed wood

The parting words she left with me:

“You had but simply to come to see

That fate was yours alone to make.

I am not here to give or take.

I leave you now in peace and bliss

But I beg of thee, remember this

Our Lord is not one of destruction

But one of love and reconstruction.

I pray thee may learn of this well

Lest ye make of life a living hell.”

And so I thanked her

For what she taught

This lesson had not been for naught

And from that day forth

This truth I’ve known

My life is mine, I am my own

And whence my life is done at last

I needn’t worry of a doleful past

For in each moment, I’m born anew

And only ‘now’ we count as true

Thus I’ll pass on to what awaits

The promise of those pearly gates.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner/artist.

Oh Harbinger!

Oh Harbinger!

by Carolyn Glackin

Oh harbinger!
I pray thee
Don’t bring us sorrow!
Don’t give us cause
To fear tomorrow
Hold thy tongue
And still thy lips
Hush them with
Thy fingertips
For hearts are such
A gentle thing
They break with ease
O’er everything
So send us prayers
Send us peace
Send us light
If you please
But keep thy darkness
Unto thee
We don’t deserve your misery
I pray thee harbinger
May you be well
May you be freed
From the grips of hell
For beneath your darkness
Lie feathery wings
Release them!
For such joy it brings
Let your spirit
Shine and soar
As you were meant to
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credited to Aimee Stewart.

Earth Angel

Earth Angel
by Carolyn Glackin
I longed to hear an angel’s voice
To feel his breath upon my skin
Soon enough, one came along
Who had a noble knight within
‘Twas perhaps a moment
Indeed, not more
After I first heard his voice
When I was thoroughly aware
That loving him was not a choice
For his heart was melded to my own
And our minds in tandem thought
Such shared memories had we two
That I knew twasn’t all for naught
And though this angel lives on earth
(He’s truly here, you see)
And others cannot see his wings
I’ve felt them holding me
And in his eyes of blue I’ve glimpsed
Such depth of emotion there
That words would fail me to explain
All that he’s had to bear
In his gentle, tender, loving way
He’s carried the world on his wings
And with mighty brow and steely sword
He’s battled fiery things
It’s a sacred oath, a primordial pact
By which he lives his truth
Upholding the promise that he made
He stands as living proof
That angels do exist on earth
It’s more than true, you see
For I’ve got one here
With eyes of blue
And we’re pledged for eternity.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credit: John Blumen




Carolyn Glackin 

She was a cosmic, galactic being

With lunar visions and celestial dreams 

She was a supernova from afar

She rode in on a shooting star

Know why she came here?

On a whim

She’d heard of earth 

In an angel’s hymn

She loved the ocean

And flowering trees

The birds in the sky

And buzzing bees 

She adored lions

And the month of June 

Fresh hot coffee 

And endless monsoons 

She loved the mountains 

In the spring 

And starry nights 

Made her heart sing

But I’ll tell you of

Her real downfall…

She was a sucker for people 

Most of all

She loved the young 

Adored the old

And those that were quiet

As well as the bold 

She loved the meek ones

And the strong

She cried for the ones

Who felt they didn’t belong 

She loved the soft hearts 

Who spoke the truth 

She loved the faithful 

Who didn’t need proof 

She loved the warriors 

And the fanatics

She loved the godless

The junkies and addicts

She loved the hateful 

And the sinners

She loved the failures 

And the winners 

She loved the joyful 

And the sad 

As well as the ones 

This world deemed bad 

So how did she do it?

This lady from the skies…

Who looked at them all 

Through the same eyes

Never with judgment 

Only with love 

For she said: “As below, 

So too, above”

She said: “These are all angels 

Walking the earth 

Who have, for a time, 

Forgotten their worth 

And so I look at them 

Outside of space and time 

And when I do that 

I see the Divine” 

And through her I learned 

That within me and you

There lies something holy

This world can’t undo 

And no matter how things sound

Or how things appear 

I embrace that truth 

Without doubt or fear

And as for that lady…

She can’t be too far

On clear nights I see her

Dancing on stars.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art by Charlotte Atkinson.

She Was A Poet 

🍃🌸 She Was A Poet 🌸🍃

She was a poet 

And she dressed in blue

Not ’cause she was sad

She just loved the hue

It reminded her of nighttime 

And bright moonbeams 

Twinkly stars 

And celestial dreams

She was steeped in starlight 

Enrobed by the glow

A child of the heavens 

And the earth below 

The moon and the cosmos 

Danced through her mind

She put them to words

When she found the time

And her words gave rise 

To ancient dreams 

Angelic realms and mythical beings 

Galactic creatures, cosmic love

Earthly notions 

And the heavens above 

She sought not fame

Nor worldly attention 

Though she wasn’t averse 

To the occasional mention

She took great delight 

In the joy of others 

And she dearly loved

Her role as a mother

She conspired with angels 

She frolicked with fairies 

And as far as she knew 

She had no adversaries 

She didn’t come to lead 

She came to unite 

She believed we’re all leaders 

In our own given right 

Her heart was open

No conditions, no strings

It was full of love 

And joyful things 

And in it was room

For all those she knew 

And when she met more 

It simply grew

She felt life was a gift 

To love all was her duty

No so much a chore

But a thing of beauty 

And her only mission 

While here on this earth 

Was to remind those she met

Of their unlimited worth

Yes, she was a poet

A seamstress of words 

Who wrote of the notions 

Quite often unheard

Signs from the heavens 

Words of the light

Whispers of angels 

Ringing out in the night

She wrote about love

She wrote about life

She wrote of the earth 

And humankind’s strife 

She wrote of redemption 

And of starting again 

But every so often

She put down her pen

And looked all around 

At this beautiful earth

Which filled her with wonder 

Laughter and mirth 

And there in the silence 

As she breathed it all in 

She’d be flooded with words

And start writing again. . . 

After all, she was a poet. 

by Carolyn Glackin 
*Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Daytime Glories and Bedtime Stories 

This is a tale 

I’ve been longing to tell

So dear to me

For I know it so well

Perhaps not a tale

But a collection of dreams 

Things that I love

And things that I’ve seen

Visions of angels

Flashes of light

Speckles of gold 

And orbs in the night

Voices unheard 

Yet known to my mind

And astral delights 

Of every kind

Whispery feathers 

Against my skin

And the brightest of lights

That emanate from within 

Heavenly music from choirs afar

Tinkly bells ringing 

From each little star 

Crystalline love songs 

Woven in air

Such a beautiful sound

None can compare 

Lions walk with me

Standing guard in the night

Spirit cats too

With eyes so bright

Furry little faces 

Come to say hello

I see them run past 

With a shadowy glow

Soft fur, warm bodies 

Rub against my own 

To offer some love 

And make themselves known

Visions of fae realms 

Delight my eyes

As their voices call to me 

From other worldly skies

Jingly laughter 

Rings in my ears 

Playful voices 

I’ve known through the years

These are my consorts

My cohorts, my friends 

Who’ve always been with me 

And will ’til the end

And there is a world 

Beyond this that I know 

That radiates love 

With a heavenly glow

It’s our one true home 

Away from this 

Where all that we’ve known 

Is oneness and bliss 

And I met you there once 

And I will again soon 

And then you’ll remember 

And my heart will swoon

For your soul calls out to me

In a voice I know well

As we dance in the eternal 

In that place where love dwells

So listen to the wind

Watch for feathers 

On the ground 

And know that you’re 

A sacred part

Of the love 

That’s all around. 

by Carolyn Glackin 

Words by me. 

Image found on the ‘Pink is my Passion’ page on Facebook.