No need to become

When you can just simply be

And there’s nothing to seek

When instead, you can see

There’s nothing to learn

And yet plenty to know

There’s a journey before you

And yet nowhere to go

You don’t need to be more

In fact, less is ideal

So remove all your masks

Let your soul be revealed

You’ve nothing to gain

And nothing to win

For the treasure you seek

Awaits you within

You see, when we arrive here

We have all that we need

But soon, we’re blindsided

By hatred and greed

Some hunger for power

Some clamor for fame

And our truth is obscured

By sorrow and shame

Yet the answer’s not found

In external places

And this is a fact

That our world now faces

Salvation lies waiting

But not in a church

Nor will you find it

Through endless research

Leave all that aside now

For it’s time to begin

Come home to your truth

By going within.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful artist.


Return to Center 

​This poem is called “Return to Center.” I wrote it to show how easily we’re knocked off balance when we aren’t strong within ourselves and we allow outside/external situations to effect us. This is easily avoided when we refuse to react to that which is outside of ourselves. 

The incredible artwork is by A.M. Lorek. 
Back to Center 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡
Caught up, twisted

Something’s got me conflicted 

Pulled me out of my bliss

Now I’m in the abyss 
Wayward, reckless 

Confused, feckless 

Out of control 

Now I’m in a black hole 
Dizzy, hazy

Thoughts all crazy

Beyond paranoid 

Now I’m lost in the void 
Gasping, rasping 

Can’t catch my breath 

Adrenaline pumping 

Imminent death 
Helter skelter 

Searching for shelter 

Can’t find a friend 

Could this be the end?? 
Praying, chanting 

All done with the ranting 

I now see a light

Looks like I’m winning this fight
Steadying, staying 

Thoughts relaying 

Returning to center 

Such a pleasure to enter
Grounded, woken

Gratitude spoken 

Lessons learned 

Wisdom earned 
Back to center 

Rooted deep

All is calm

Peaceful sleep