The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life
by Carolyn Glackin
I called out to the cosmos
“Please tell me your answer true!”
“What is the meaning of life?!”
And I heard:
“YOU are, child! It’s YOU!”
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

*Image credit: Heatherlee Chan.


Cosmic Recollections

Cosmic Recollections
by Carolyn Glackin
She was a soul
That belonged to the sky
But in case you don’t know her
I’ll tell you just why
See, the clouds left her breathless
The stars made her swoon
And she was dually in love
With the sun and the moon
One warmed her by day
And one cooled her by night
A harmonious union
Of both darkness and light
The sight of the cosmos
Was a whole other thing
At the very first glance
It made her heart sing
As memories of lifetimes
In other worlds
Flooded her mind
In endless swirls
An Andromedan princess
A fairy queen
A Lemurian mermaid
Oh the beauty she’d seen!
An ancient Druid
So wise in the ways
Of the sacred knowledge
With which she was raised
A Pleiadian priestess
Whose reign was supreme
A Sirian songstress
With a voice so serene
Her real home, though
Was not here or there
But rather all over
In fact, everywhere
When not in a body
She existed as light
And it was in that way
That she felt just right
In the heart of creation
Surrounded by love
Which she extended outward
Both below and above
And one day she knew
The purpose of her birth
She’d come to do that
Right here, on Earth.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Art credit: Josephine Wall.

She Was A Poet 

🍃🌸 She Was A Poet 🌸🍃

She was a poet 

And she dressed in blue

Not ’cause she was sad

She just loved the hue

It reminded her of nighttime 

And bright moonbeams 

Twinkly stars 

And celestial dreams

She was steeped in starlight 

Enrobed by the glow

A child of the heavens 

And the earth below 

The moon and the cosmos 

Danced through her mind

She put them to words

When she found the time

And her words gave rise 

To ancient dreams 

Angelic realms and mythical beings 

Galactic creatures, cosmic love

Earthly notions 

And the heavens above 

She sought not fame

Nor worldly attention 

Though she wasn’t averse 

To the occasional mention

She took great delight 

In the joy of others 

And she dearly loved

Her role as a mother

She conspired with angels 

She frolicked with fairies 

And as far as she knew 

She had no adversaries 

She didn’t come to lead 

She came to unite 

She believed we’re all leaders 

In our own given right 

Her heart was open

No conditions, no strings

It was full of love 

And joyful things 

And in it was room

For all those she knew 

And when she met more 

It simply grew

She felt life was a gift 

To love all was her duty

No so much a chore

But a thing of beauty 

And her only mission 

While here on this earth 

Was to remind those she met

Of their unlimited worth

Yes, she was a poet

A seamstress of words 

Who wrote of the notions 

Quite often unheard

Signs from the heavens 

Words of the light

Whispers of angels 

Ringing out in the night

She wrote about love

She wrote about life

She wrote of the earth 

And humankind’s strife 

She wrote of redemption 

And of starting again 

But every so often

She put down her pen

And looked all around 

At this beautiful earth

Which filled her with wonder 

Laughter and mirth 

And there in the silence 

As she breathed it all in 

She’d be flooded with words

And start writing again. . . 

After all, she was a poet. 

by Carolyn Glackin 
*Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017.