Title: Unwritten
Subtitle: Sanctus Dei, Nobis Revelare

Holy God, reveal us!
Remove from our hearts
This fright
Deliver us to the day
There ending the long, dark night.
©Carolyn Glackin 2018.

by Carolyn Glackin
I am but one of many
Come in the long, dark night
You may not know me by name
But by power, force, and might
You might think of us as soldiers
Volunteered to save this earth
And give rise to a peaceful world
By right of mankind’s birth
We come not seeking glory
We are not here for your acclaim
But brethren, please know this
Once we’re done,
Things won’t be the same
There exists no army to stop us
No battalion could strike us down
For we are empowered by love
The best enforcer around
Don’t look for wings upon us
We’re no longer of the sky
Long ago we did forego
That which set us aloft so high
We are stationed all over your world
In every corner and nook
By year, we grow in number
You have only but to look
We are the sons and daughters
Of the great one beyond the sky
And we come here to represent
To exalt and to glorify
For you, a downtrodden race
Who’ve completely forgotten your worth
You lie about in your shame
Plagued by sorrow, adversity, and dearth
Rise up now, Adonai’s children!
Don’t you know?
We are one and the same?
Stop looking to point a finger
There is no one to admonish or blame
Look but to yourself for power
Look but to yourself for might
For when you remember your worth
‘Tis you who will rule the night!
My brothers and sisters, please hear me
The love that you seek is here!
But never will your eyes spy it
So long as you exist in fear
Your soul has been sullied by guilt
Your spirit is reeking of shame
But I ask you this question, my loves
Do you not know from whence you came?
So noble were your beginnings
So lofty, so regal, so proud
And now you scuttle about
Your truth lost to the earthen shroud
I beg of you, please remember!
For the end of an era is nigh
We are not beholden to earth
Let us return to the sky!
Rise up now sons and daughters!
For I am the truth that sings
I shall sing but for to reveal you
That you might recall your wings
Then we shall fly home together
Not in body, but in mind
And the earth will inherit the future
That was always meant for mankind
And we’ll build a new world together
We shall bless it with mesh and gold
Bit by bit, and piece by piece
Paved with truth and love, as foretold
Yes, we will give rise to a story
But still there’s much planning to do
Oh my dear ones, please remember!
Do you not know the writer is you?!
In you alone, lies the power
In you alone, waits the glory
We come but to remind you
You are the heroes of your story.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to the rightful owner.

‘Sanctus Dei, nobis revelare’ is Latin for ‘holy God, reveal us.’ While writing the poem, ‘sanctus Dei’ came to me. I’m not sure why, as I’ve not studied Latin in this lifetime, and yet Latin words occasionally appear in my mind when writing about subject matters relating to God.

‘Adonai’ is an archaic term for God.


God is Nondenominational 

The Alpha

The Omega

The Ancient of Days
The Divine
The Beloved
The Shower of Ways
The Forgiver of Sins
The Light
Our Salvation
From whence we begin
The Father
Most High
The Lord
The Prophet
So many names
For the One who gives life
And it seems all these names
Have led to such strife
God is for one
Just as God is for all
No more for the mighty
No less for the small
God is for Christians
God is for Jews
God is for Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus
God is for those found in a church
Just as God is for those whose temple is Earth
No more for the saints
No less for the sinners
For we are not viewed
As losers and winners
No more for the holy
No less for the meek
As much for the infidel
Labeled as weak
We ALL are chosen
Lest we wouldn’t be here
So please silence your ego
Release all your fear
We’ve been judging and killing
Harming and shaming
Scorning and threatening
Insulting and blaming
We’ve been hateful and pious
Haughty and bitter
This madness must stop
Please reconsider!
You don’t have to convert
Or change your views
And you can call our Creator
Any name that you choose
But let’s look deep within
And finally see
That God is in you
And God is in me
So each time that we seek
To harm one another
We harm the Creator
The Father, the Mother
This battle is ancient
It’s long past it’s prime
Please let it go
Now is the time!
Namaste my dear friends
And know this to be true:
I honor the divine that dwells in you.

Much love,