by Carolyn Glackin

I’ve forgotten who told me

That the world wasn’t good

But needless to say

They misunderstood

For here there is beauty

Untouched by man

All in accordance

With nature’s plan

Here there are blue skies

And rivers and seas

Flowers that bloom

Mountains and trees

There is rugged terrain

There are prairies and brooks

There are valleys and fjords

Unheard of in books

There are animals

Of all shapes and sizes

There are beautiful sunsets

And gorgeous sunrises

There are islands and jungles

Where ripened fruits grow

There are tundras and glaciers

Adorned with fresh snow

There are sun drenched deserts

Gladly cooled by the moon

There are star kissed skies

That make lovers swoon

There are caverns and caves

As well as moors and plains

And with all of this beauty

There’s no room for disdain

Our world is comprised of

Magic and mystery

As well as all kinds of people

Culture and history

This world is a blessing

It’s our gift to uphold

And we must care for it

As time has foretold

So please do not question

Whether the world is good

But instead ask yourself

If you’ve misunderstood.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner.


If We Must Have a Leader, Let Love Rule

Dear Prospective Pacifists,

So many throughout this great country and indeed throughout our entire wonderful world are angry, frustrated, scared and confused. Rightfully so I’d say, what with the state of affairs we currently find ourselves in. I believe that it’s important to keep our emotions in check at all times but certainly at times when everyone else’s are escalating. Emotions are powerful things with a life force all their own and they have an effect on far more people than just ourselves.  It’s in our own best interest as well as for the sake of those around us that we do our best to be the presence of peace and love in all situations and with whomever we encounter. This doesn’t mean we ignore the fact that there are real issues that need to be dealt with and it doesn’t mean that we have to pretend that everything is just fine when it clearly isn’t. What it does mean, however, is that even with all that’s going on around us, we don’t have to let it take root within us.

Each of us alone are the master and tenant of our earthly vessels. We get to decide which emotions we choose to take up residence in there. By actively choosing to be the presence of peace and love, we’re helping to reduce the level of fear and chaos in the minds of those around us. If your children, spouse, partner, friends, etc see you looking and acting calm and peaceful, it helps them to do the same.

In my opinion, the acts of violence that have been taking place around the globe have done far more than rob people of their lives, they have also robbed many of their peace of mind. Beyond that, these acts have incited more anger and civil unrest than anything else I can think of.

It’s very natural to be horrified and angry and scared by all of it but we must be careful and vigilant about emotions of that nature. If allowed to linger, eventually they take root in our hearts and minds which ultimately causes us to move further away from a loving, peaceful outlook.

Let us remind ourselves that though we may get angry, love does not attack; though we may be fearful, love does not instill fear in others; and though we may want to put a stop to all of the unjustness in the world, love doesn’t seek revenge. Instead, it seeks out peaceful solutions that unite us rather than divide us from each other. May we each find the love and peace we seek within ourselves and may we then radiate it outwards to share with the world.

Much love and many blessings to you all,

Yours Truly ❤