by Carolyn Glackin

I’ve forgotten who told me

That the world wasn’t good

But needless to say

They misunderstood

For here there is beauty

Untouched by man

All in accordance

With nature’s plan

Here there are blue skies

And rivers and seas

Flowers that bloom

Mountains and trees

There is rugged terrain

There are prairies and brooks

There are valleys and fjords

Unheard of in books

There are animals

Of all shapes and sizes

There are beautiful sunsets

And gorgeous sunrises

There are islands and jungles

Where ripened fruits grow

There are tundras and glaciers

Adorned with fresh snow

There are sun drenched deserts

Gladly cooled by the moon

There are star kissed skies

That make lovers swoon

There are caverns and caves

As well as moors and plains

And with all of this beauty

There’s no room for disdain

Our world is comprised of

Magic and mystery

As well as all kinds of people

Culture and history

This world is a blessing

It’s our gift to uphold

And we must care for it

As time has foretold

So please do not question

Whether the world is good

But instead ask yourself

If you’ve misunderstood.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner.


Love in the Wild

Love in the Wild
by Carolyn Glackin
Nature can be harsh
Cruel, cold, calculating
But there is love in the wild
Sometimes strong and fierce
Sometimes meek and mild
I have witnessed it
Among lions in the morning sun
And I’ve witnessed it among bears
When the day is done
I’ve seen it among birds
Way up in the trees
I’ve seen it blossom among butterflies
Cavorting in the breeze
Yes, even in the wild, there is love
Perhaps a truer form
As it has no pretenses,
No ulterior motives,
And it wears no masks
It simply gives, it doesn’t take
And it has nothing to ask
It is intrinsic in nature
Existing in its purest form
Witnessed among creatures
Both great and small
And those that crawl, walk, or swarm
I think there’s much to be learned
From a love like this
It’s graceful, it’s divine, it simply is
So I will watch my feathered friends
And I’ll study every furry beast
And it won’t be a waste of time
Because if I don’t learn a single other thing
I’ll learn of love, at the very least.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Art credit: Josephine Wall.

The Witch Will Rise Tonight 

I am not a witch. Not in this lifetime anyway. But I’d like to clear up the many misconceptions about what that term does and doesn’t mean. I won’t remain silent about the real truth of who these proud, strong, amazing women were and are. They were slandered, ridiculed, tortured, and shamed during a time in this world when being a woman and exhibiting wisdom, strength, independence, or any sign of natural, God/Goddess given abilities was completely unacceptable. That time is long since over, and it dang well better be, because you can’t keep a good woman down! May the witch rise tonight!

The Witch Will Rise Tonight 

by Carolyn Glackin 

Jack-o’-lanterns brightly glowing 

Candy bowls are overflowing 

Decorations of orange and black

The season of the witch is back 

Little children dressed up sweetly 

Hoping to fill goodie bags completely 

Crunchy leaves, crisp cool air

Owls hooting here and there

She’s at home, watching, waiting 

As neighbors start their celebrating 

She’s waited patiently all year long

For All Hollows’ Eve to come along

With the veil between 

Living and dead now thin

The Samhain festivities soon begin

In her mind, she hears them calling 

And in her bones, she feels them crawling 

Ancient sisters from the past

Who had their lives 

Snuffed out too fast 

You see, a witch is not an evil creature 

She’s a wise one, a guardian, and a teacher 

She holds within her primordial knowledge 

The likes of which you won’t learn in college 

She knows the ways of the earth, you see

It’s past, it’s present, it’s destiny 

She knows the importance of every season 

And for all that grows, there is a reason 

She’s a priestess of nature 

A diviner of fate 

A guardian of time 

Who stands at the gate

The gate beyond which 

The spirit world dwells

Not quite in heaven 

But neither in hell 

And this is the night

When that gate opens wide

And sisters of old 

Will walk at her side 

They’ll tell the old stories 

And pass on all they learned 

The knowledge for which 

They were sentenced to burn

Now surely you’ve learned of 

The witch hunts in school

I’m sure you heard tell of

Those bigoted fools

With pitchforks and torches

And slanderous lies

That led to many a good woman’s  demise

For in those dark ages

Women could not show power 

They had to be gentle and fair, like a flower 

They were meant to be quiet, docile and tame

Well pardon my French, but that’s pretty damn lame! 

Those labeled as witches refused to bow down as indentured servants to misogynist clowns

They stood strong in their power 

They lay claim to their rights

They walked their own paths, staying true to the light

Honoring Mother Nature 

Respecting the earth 

They were proud, they were wise

They knew their worth 

They honored the goddess 

The great divine mother

They honored the masculine 

For they balanced each other

They were healers and sages

They were mothers and friends

They were courageous way showers 

Right up ’til the end

Not a one was a devil, or a doer of evil

But these truths were all buried 

During dark times of upheaval 

But now is the time

When all truths come to light 

Hail to our sisters! 

May the witch rise tonight!

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Image source: Google.