No need to become

When you can just simply be

And there’s nothing to seek

When instead, you can see

There’s nothing to learn

And yet plenty to know

There’s a journey before you

And yet nowhere to go

You don’t need to be more

In fact, less is ideal

So remove all your masks

Let your soul be revealed

You’ve nothing to gain

And nothing to win

For the treasure you seek

Awaits you within

You see, when we arrive here

We have all that we need

But soon, we’re blindsided

By hatred and greed

Some hunger for power

Some clamor for fame

And our truth is obscured

By sorrow and shame

Yet the answer’s not found

In external places

And this is a fact

That our world now faces

Salvation lies waiting

But not in a church

Nor will you find it

Through endless research

Leave all that aside now

For it’s time to begin

Come home to your truth

By going within.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful artist.


Irish Eyes

Irish Eyes

by Carolyn Glackin ☘

Oh when Irish eyes are smiling

Tisn’t a problem in sight

Danny Boy finally comes home

All wrongs are set to right

Oh when Irish eyes are smiling

There’s nary a cloud in the sky

Everyone’s dancing a jig

And the beer mugs never run dry

Oh when Irish eyes are smiling

You just can’t help but join in

There’s gaiety and laughter

And a lighthearted feeling within

Oh when Irish eyes are smiling

All the questions in life have answers

And wherever music is played

We turn into Riverdancers

And when my Irish eyes are smiling

It’s because I’ve got something to say

Just wanted to wish one and all

A Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner.

The Lesson

The Lesson

by Carolyn Glackin

But soft!

Beneath the pale moonlight

Bequeathing us a silent night

Where stood a heavenly apparition

Come to render my soul’s perdition

There stood I, my heart affright

Seeking a way to make things right

Said I:

“Holy spectre, I beg a solution.

How do I earn thy absolution?”

Said she:

“This judgment ’tis not

Mine to render.

I merely represent thy sender.”

So then I had myself a query

All outcomes looking

Bleak and dreary

The fate of my soul, now undefined

I waxed and waned within my mind

At long last, I came to see

The judge and jury both were me

As I’m beholden to myself

I place my fate in no one else

No longer would I bend the knee

To some imagined deity

Who awaits me with hell’s fire

Nay, I seek a plane much higher

And so it was that on that night

My soul absolved, all set to right

And this decided verily

For I am sovereign, I am free

As to mine spectre, there she stood

Retreating from the gladed wood

The parting words she left with me:

“You had but simply to come to see

That fate was yours alone to make.

I am not here to give or take.

I leave you now in peace and bliss

But I beg of thee, remember this

Our Lord is not one of destruction

But one of love and reconstruction.

I pray thee may learn of this well

Lest ye make of life a living hell.”

And so I thanked her

For what she taught

This lesson had not been for naught

And from that day forth

This truth I’ve known

My life is mine, I am my own

And whence my life is done at last

I needn’t worry of a doleful past

For in each moment, I’m born anew

And only ‘now’ we count as true

Thus I’ll pass on to what awaits

The promise of those pearly gates.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner/artist.

March Waltzes In

March Waltzes In
by Carolyn Glackin
February, cold and dreary
Leaves us longing
For the sun
All the snow and ice must go
Goodbye winter,
It’s been fun!
Ready now for golden rays
To brighten up
Our endless days
And raise our weary gardens
From their slumber
And right on time,
As if on cue
March comes waltzing in
With all it’s thunder
A bit of rain,
But I’ll not complain
For soon we’ll see the fruits
Of March’s labor
As flowers and trees
And birds and bees
Reconnect us with our yards
And with our neighbors
Such a wonderful thing
Is the warmth March brings
Not only to our world
But to our hearts
Reminding us
Without a doubt
Of all the love and beauty
Spring imparts.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Art by Deyanira Harris.

My Love and I

*Dedicated to my love so true with the eyes of blue.

My Love and I
by Carolyn Glackin
My love and I have escaped to another world
Don’t look for us here for we are gone
We are off someplace where time stands still so we can be forever young in each other’s arms
We’ve gone somewhere that is quiet and peaceful and there are no interruptions
We can’t be bothered there so don’t try to reach us
So caught up in the music of our hearts are we that we won’t hear you
So enraptured by the adoring look in each other’s eyes are we, that we can see nothing else
So blissful in our union are we, that we cannot be separated
Here, we are dancing with the Divine,
Basking in the Beloved,
Enveloped in the Eternal
So, although we will dearly miss you
I think you understand.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to the rightful owner.

Borrowed Time 

She was here on borrowed time

Although, that she was here at all
Was truly a wonder
For everything about this world
Constantly tried to pull her under
She knew the horrors and the truths
Her eyes had been blinded by the proof
She’d always known that evil lurked in man
It was the sheer magnitude of it
That she couldn’t understand
She’d been touched by fire
But rather than letting it consume her
She instead, burned brighter
She’d encountered troubled waters
That were determined to outdo her
But instead of letting them drown her
She merely let them flow right through her
She was a loving being
With a wide range of emotion
Her heart swelled and swirled
With the depths of the ocean
Not a warrior, though she stood for what was right
Not a fighter, just a vessel for the Light
A humble servant
Here to minister to each call
In loving service every day
To One and all.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017

The Mermaid 

Here is an ode to my favorite aquatic creatures. 💙

by Carolyn Glackin 

Oh the beauty of 

The crashing shore

A sound that I 

So dearly adore

Who can resist 

Those frothy waves 

On endlessly sunny 

Summer days…

An earthly delight 

That all should know

Submerged in those waves 

From head to toe 

Oh how I miss 

Those bygone days

When first I spied 

A lovely mermaid 

So beautiful 

So wild and free

This mystical maiden

Of the sea 

With porcelain skin 

And flowing hair 

A graceful creature

With whom none can compare 

And in her eyes 

I saw foretold 

A thousand stories 

As yet untold

And how I longed 

To hear them all

But I knew that soon 

The night would fall

And so I left 

Those beachy waves

And bid adieu

To the lovely mermaid

Never did I see her more 

Not beneath the waves 

Nor on the shore 

But I’ve heard 

If a mermaid 

Meets with your eyes 

She lives in your heart 

For the rest of your life.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art credit: Victor Nizovtsev.


The thoughts that we think and the things we tell ourselves repeatedly throughout each day have perhaps more potential than anything else to fashion our very lives, right down to the current moment. It’s imperative that we bear witness to the emotional nature of the thoughts that run through our mind and the things we say to ourselves, because they have long term ramifications. It’s entirely up to us whether those ramifications are harmful or helpful to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Despite your DNA, no matter who your parents are, how you were raised, and regardless of the possibly damaging things that have been said to you, as well as those you’ve said to yourself; the following remains true: you were created in love, by love, and with love. Though you may not currently feel this way, you are nothing less than whole. The spirit is indestructible. It’s our human frailty that isn’t. Don’t let that confuse you. You can feel weak and broken without actually being weak and broken. It’s all a matter of perception. You are whole. You are worthy. You are loved. Always. Nothing that transpires in this world can or will change that. We simply forget and lose sight of that for a while. Let this be your reminder. 


Carolyn Glackin 

All words: copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art credit: Mona Davis/Pinterest.

Magic in the Woods 

There was magic 

In the woods that night
When the fairies
Danced by firelight
The wood nymphs frolicked
The sylphs soireéd
The elves held court
In the evening shade
And what a merry meet it was
Such fun was had by all of us
All is fine and all is good
On those magical nights
In the woods.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Image credit: Dirk Wustenhagen Imagery. 

New Love 

Addictive, seductive 

Alluring, erotic
And soul satiating
But what is new love?
Is it some kind of spell?
Made up of
Both equal parts
Heaven and hell?
Your life is on hold
Your world’s upside down
And it seems you can’t breathe
When he or she’s not around
Your head’s in the clouds
Your heart skips a beat
Because suddenly someone
Makes your whole life complete
Your thoughts are erratic
You live in a dream
Your need for their presence
Makes you want to scream
One name, one face
Always on your mind
Now forsaking all others
It’s as if you’ve gone blind
You’re hot, then you’re cold
You’re filled with such bliss
You go weak in the knees
At the thought of their kiss
You’re dreaming up futures
And pondering plans
That only involve
This one woman or man
Your mind is fixated
Like a one way track
All the rest is derailed
There’s no going back
Your family and friends
Try to reach you by phone
They think you’ve gone nuts
And won’t leave you alone
And these are the wonders
And delights of new love
When we find that special someone
Sent from above
And two worlds collide
In the most wondrous way
And if it’s all meant to be
Together you’ll stay
But regardless of longevity,
Permanence or duration
New love is always
A thrilling situation.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art by Irina Karkabi.