No need to become

When you can just simply be

And there’s nothing to seek

When instead, you can see

There’s nothing to learn

And yet plenty to know

There’s a journey before you

And yet nowhere to go

You don’t need to be more

In fact, less is ideal

So remove all your masks

Let your soul be revealed

You’ve nothing to gain

And nothing to win

For the treasure you seek

Awaits you within

You see, when we arrive here

We have all that we need

But soon, we’re blindsided

By hatred and greed

Some hunger for power

Some clamor for fame

And our truth is obscured

By sorrow and shame

Yet the answer’s not found

In external places

And this is a fact

That our world now faces

Salvation lies waiting

But not in a church

Nor will you find it

Through endless research

Leave all that aside now

For it’s time to begin

Come home to your truth

By going within.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful artist.


Open, Release, Receive 

Open, Release, Receive

by Carolyn Glackin 

We can hold onto nothing in this life

Not our sorrow, not our anger

Not our joy, not our strife

Not our failures, or our successes 

Not our laughter, or our pain

Any attempts to hold on 

Are futile and in vain 

We can’t hold onto our gladness 

Nor to our tears

We can’t hold a single moment

And certainly not years

We can’t hold onto loved ones

If we want them to feel free

They deserve to be themselves 

Just as I deserve to be me

Love is not a prison 

It doesn’t restrict, nor does it bind

So when a love is true 

It’s freedom you will find

And perhaps you feel some fear 

And you’re wondering what to do

Just let everything go

The right ones will stay with you 

For love cannot be fear based 

It’s not about power or control

Your loved ones will remain

When they are free to come and go

And if ever there should come a time

When one chooses to depart 

I know it’s very painful

But it’s better for your heart 

Because don’t you want 

Your loved ones there

Because they choose to be?

If they’re there by force

The truth is that

Neither one of you are free

The control that you exert

In an attempt to keep them there

Has no happy gains, in fact, 

It fills both hearts with fear 

With open arms, gently let love in

And let it go, if it must go

The right ones will stay with you 

And when it’s right, you’ll know.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art credit: “The Caring Heart” by Meganne Forbes.

Sweet Release 

 I shall steep myself in kindness As I bathe in the river of peace

And there I shall remain
Until I find my sweet release
I’ll let go of what’s unneeded
And all that weighs me down
I’ll shed my skin of old
And there I’ll let it drown
Then I’ll rise up in the glory
Of who I’m meant to be
A peaceful, loving being
For all eternity.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017
Image credited to the rightful owner.