by Carolyn Glackin

She’s an enigma

A tale well told

Impossible to know

Yet a vision to behold

She’s the great mystery

That burns through the ages

Defying all truths

Stupefying sages

As elusive as

That hint of a dream

That flees when you awaken

But also every bit as real

As each breath you’ve ever taken

She’s as subtle as mist

Or a shy first time kiss

She’ll slip between your fingers

Yet even after she’s long, long gone

Something about her lingers

She’ll leave you perplexed

With your heart in a wreck

And your mind

In a state of confusion

‘Til you reach the point

Where you no longer know

If she’s real or just an illusion

And while you’re trying

To sort all that out

She’ll suddenly reappear

But just long enough

To make you wonder

If she ever was actually there

A hint of her smile

Will linger a while

As her name plays

On your lips

And just as you’re

About to recall it

It fades beyond your grip

And part of the lure

That attracts you to her

Is the way that

She keeps her distance

She’ll never allow you

To get very close

Despite your ongoing insistence

So try as you may

You’ll discover one day

That it’s best

To give her some space

‘Cause if you push her too far

She’ll take off for good

And you’ll never more see her face

So just let her be

The way that she is

She exists as both

Truth and fiction

A puzzle, a riddle, a paradox

She’s a beautiful contradiction.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

*Image credited to Angela de la Agua.



by Carolyn Glackin
The cavalry is home again
And mother is so pleased
The good Lord kept them
Safe from harm
In the face of enemies
And oh they are a winsome lot
The most handsome one, her man
With eyes of blue and heart of gold
And skin once fair, now tan
For he hath toiled
The whole day through
Beneath the scorching sun
Not resting for a moment
Until the war was won
And every time he goes away
He brings her heart along
And the time apart
Reminds these two
That their love is pure and strong
Oh the cavalry is home again
And mother is overcome
She weeps with tears of gladness
As she looks upon her sons
Long gone now
Are the babes they were
And in their place stand men
She only hopes they truly know
How proud she is of them
She offers prayers of gratitude
That the good Lord spared each one
And begs peace upon this noble earth
Let the time of war be done!
Oh mother dear
Set your fears aside
Your men are in your sight
And revel in glad tidings
For the cavalry’s home tonight.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

*Image credited to the rightful owner.


No need to become

When you can just simply be

And there’s nothing to seek

When instead, you can see

There’s nothing to learn

And yet plenty to know

There’s a journey before you

And yet nowhere to go

You don’t need to be more

In fact, less is ideal

So remove all your masks

Let your soul be revealed

You’ve nothing to gain

And nothing to win

For the treasure you seek

Awaits you within

You see, when we arrive here

We have all that we need

But soon, we’re blindsided

By hatred and greed

Some hunger for power

Some clamor for fame

And our truth is obscured

By sorrow and shame

Yet the answer’s not found

In external places

And this is a fact

That our world now faces

Salvation lies waiting

But not in a church

Nor will you find it

Through endless research

Leave all that aside now

For it’s time to begin

Come home to your truth

By going within.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful artist.


Title: Unwritten
Subtitle: Sanctus Dei, Nobis Revelare

Holy God, reveal us!
Remove from our hearts
This fright
Deliver us to the day
There ending the long, dark night.
Β©Carolyn Glackin 2018.

by Carolyn Glackin
I am but one of many
Come in the long, dark night
You may not know me by name
But by power, force, and might
You might think of us as soldiers
Volunteered to save this earth
And give rise to a peaceful world
By right of mankind’s birth
We come not seeking glory
We are not here for your acclaim
But brethren, please know this
Once we’re done,
Things won’t be the same
There exists no army to stop us
No battalion could strike us down
For we are empowered by love
The best enforcer around
Don’t look for wings upon us
We’re no longer of the sky
Long ago we did forego
That which set us aloft so high
We are stationed all over your world
In every corner and nook
By year, we grow in number
You have only but to look
We are the sons and daughters
Of the great one beyond the sky
And we come here to represent
To exalt and to glorify
For you, a downtrodden race
Who’ve completely forgotten your worth
You lie about in your shame
Plagued by sorrow, adversity, and dearth
Rise up now, Adonai’s children!
Don’t you know?
We are one and the same?
Stop looking to point a finger
There is no one to admonish or blame
Look but to yourself for power
Look but to yourself for might
For when you remember your worth
‘Tis you who will rule the night!
My brothers and sisters, please hear me
The love that you seek is here!
But never will your eyes spy it
So long as you exist in fear
Your soul has been sullied by guilt
Your spirit is reeking of shame
But I ask you this question, my loves
Do you not know from whence you came?
So noble were your beginnings
So lofty, so regal, so proud
And now you scuttle about
Your truth lost to the earthen shroud
I beg of you, please remember!
For the end of an era is nigh
We are not beholden to earth
Let us return to the sky!
Rise up now sons and daughters!
For I am the truth that sings
I shall sing but for to reveal you
That you might recall your wings
Then we shall fly home together
Not in body, but in mind
And the earth will inherit the future
That was always meant for mankind
And we’ll build a new world together
We shall bless it with mesh and gold
Bit by bit, and piece by piece
Paved with truth and love, as foretold
Yes, we will give rise to a story
But still there’s much planning to do
Oh my dear ones, please remember!
Do you not know the writer is you?!
In you alone, lies the power
In you alone, waits the glory
We come but to remind you
You are the heroes of your story.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to the rightful owner.

‘Sanctus Dei, nobis revelare’ is Latin for ‘holy God, reveal us.’ While writing the poem, ‘sanctus Dei’ came to me. I’m not sure why, as I’ve not studied Latin in this lifetime, and yet Latin words occasionally appear in my mind when writing about subject matters relating to God.

‘Adonai’ is an archaic term for God.

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life
by Carolyn Glackin
I called out to the cosmos
“Please tell me your answer true!”
“What is the meaning of life?!”
And I heard:
“YOU are, child! It’s YOU!”
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

*Image credit: Heatherlee Chan.



by Carolyn Glackin

I’ve forgotten who told me

That the world wasn’t good

But needless to say

They misunderstood

For here there is beauty

Untouched by man

All in accordance

With nature’s plan

Here there are blue skies

And rivers and seas

Flowers that bloom

Mountains and trees

There is rugged terrain

There are prairies and brooks

There are valleys and fjords

Unheard of in books

There are animals

Of all shapes and sizes

There are beautiful sunsets

And gorgeous sunrises

There are islands and jungles

Where ripened fruits grow

There are tundras and glaciers

Adorned with fresh snow

There are sun drenched deserts

Gladly cooled by the moon

There are star kissed skies

That make lovers swoon

There are caverns and caves

As well as moors and plains

And with all of this beauty

There’s no room for disdain

Our world is comprised of

Magic and mystery

As well as all kinds of people

Culture and history

This world is a blessing

It’s our gift to uphold

And we must care for it

As time has foretold

So please do not question

Whether the world is good

But instead ask yourself

If you’ve misunderstood.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner.

The Long Road Home

This is a song I wrote today.

The Long Road Home
by Carolyn Glackin
Oh for I am but a traveler
On the endless road back home
Ever long and ever winding
Many times I’ve felt alone

And my heart’s been caught in shadows
When I could not see the light
And I often lost my way
In the dark and lonely night

Yet I know now you’ve been with me
By my side through every mile
There were times you led the way
So that I could rest a while

And the road seems somehow shorter
And the end seems near in sight
When I know that you’re here with me
On this journey of my life

So I thank you very kindly
And I give my love to thee
For you have been my savior
You have helped me see

And the truth has been revealed
So I’ll tell everyone I know
We may walk an endless mile
But we never walk alone

So whenever you grow weary
And you fear this never ends
And the road is dark and empty
And you cannot find a friend

I beseech you to remember
‘Twas a promise set in stone
We come here to walk a while
But we never walk alone

When your lot in life is heavy
And when your sight grows dim
I pray that you’ll remember
You need only look within

For in your heart lies waiting
The promise we were shown
All the love that you’ve been seeking
All the happy times you’ve known

All the peace and all the solace
All the comfort you could need
Waits within for you to find it
Both in thought and word and deed

And the one who gave you life
Who fashioned you with love
Has never left your side
Since you came here from above

So my dear one please keep walking
You’ve got miles yet still to go
But you’ve got all you need within you
So keep walking on your road.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to Igor Shulman.

Flight of Fancy

This piece, which I’ve titled “Flight of Fancy,” comes from some figment of my imagination. I was in the mood to write something fun, using some colorful, lesser used words. I also used a touch of poetic license with the word ‘romancey,’ for the sake of rhyming consistency. Hey, a poet’s gotta do what a poet’s gotta do, you know?! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†
Flight of Fancy
by Carolyn Glackin
A wild sojourner’s
Torrid affair
Led her to
A hapless truth
Her paramour,
Though debonair
Was shameless, feckless,
And uncouth
Her trust betrayed
Her travels delayed
A victim of
His tactless guile
She thought it best
To seek some rest
And cease her journey
For a while
A flight of fancy
Quite romancey
Led her to
A handsome gent
Said he: “Come with me,
There’s a world to see”
So she packed her bags
And off they went.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credit: “Flight of Fancy Queen,” by Ciro Marchetti.

The Lesson

The Lesson

by Carolyn Glackin

But soft!

Beneath the pale moonlight

Bequeathing us a silent night

Where stood a heavenly apparition

Come to render my soul’s perdition

There stood I, my heart affright

Seeking a way to make things right

Said I:

“Holy spectre, I beg a solution.

How do I earn thy absolution?”

Said she:

“This judgment ’tis not

Mine to render.

I merely represent thy sender.”

So then I had myself a query

All outcomes looking

Bleak and dreary

The fate of my soul, now undefined

I waxed and waned within my mind

At long last, I came to see

The judge and jury both were me

As I’m beholden to myself

I place my fate in no one else

No longer would I bend the knee

To some imagined deity

Who awaits me with hell’s fire

Nay, I seek a plane much higher

And so it was that on that night

My soul absolved, all set to right

And this decided verily

For I am sovereign, I am free

As to mine spectre, there she stood

Retreating from the gladed wood

The parting words she left with me:

“You had but simply to come to see

That fate was yours alone to make.

I am not here to give or take.

I leave you now in peace and bliss

But I beg of thee, remember this

Our Lord is not one of destruction

But one of love and reconstruction.

I pray thee may learn of this well

Lest ye make of life a living hell.”

And so I thanked her

For what she taught

This lesson had not been for naught

And from that day forth

This truth I’ve known

My life is mine, I am my own

And whence my life is done at last

I needn’t worry of a doleful past

For in each moment, I’m born anew

And only ‘now’ we count as true

Thus I’ll pass on to what awaits

The promise of those pearly gates.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credited to the rightful owner/artist.